Stump Removal
Dig them out, don't grind them!
A dug-out stump ensures that all of the stump is removed.  Grinding a stump will often leave parts of the stump or piles of woodchips behind.  Any parts of the stump or woodchips left behind will continue to decompose and cause ground settling issues in the future.
Pool Removal Services
First the pool is drained in preparation for removal.
Pool liner/frame and all associated pool equipment are    removed and properly disposed of.
Surrounding concrete pool decks are removed.
The hole is now ready for filling and compacting with clean compactable fill in 6"-8" lifts.
The area can be finish graded with topsoil and prepared for lawn establishment or it can be prepared for other building purposes.

Excavation Services
Sand & Gravel Installation/ Grading
Topsoil Installation - Finish Grading

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  - Pool removal
  - Sand & gravel installation
  - Topsoil installation- Finish grading
Contour Landscaping  has the experience and equipment to accomadate your site preparation and excavation needs.

Brush Clearing & Chipping

Tree/ Lot Clearing
Erosion Control
Excavation & Sitework