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             TOTAL PACKAGE
            Curb Appeal SM
                     FROM PLAN TO COMPLETION
Total Package Curb appeal is a concept that has developed at Contour Landscaping to bring a holistic approach to the residential landscape/hardscape industry. This has become the focus of our business model, taking into consideration all the components involved in transforming the front of your home from plan to completion. This all-encompassing approach is more than selling shrubs, trees and a new walkway. “We start with a vision of transformation for the front of your home and bring it all the way to fruition.” Contour Landscaping offers a one-stop-shop solution of in-house field experience, technical experience, specialty equipment and resources to bring a vision from plan to completion. 

There are five main components that are addressed in this holistic approach to transforming the front of your home. This approach is a one-of-a-kind service that is exclusive to Contour Landscaping. Upon completion of Total Package Curb Appeal the front of your home will have a unified appearance that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

1.Planning/ Design Services
The planning and design process will direct how all the components of the project are to look and function in relation to each other. CAD (computer aided drawings) and Image designs establish a plan of action for the installation of the project and allow the client to have the greatest understanding of the vision before any actual onsite work begins. The design services for the front of a home starts at $325.

2.Site Preparation
This is the beginning of the onsite work that prepares the front of the home for the installation/ construction portion of the project. This can include, but not limited to: Removal and disposal of existing trees/shrubs/perennials, walkway, steps or other structures.

3.Drainage Considerations
This is an often overlooked, but very critical aspect of the project. The implications of not addressing any current drainage issues or potential issues can result in damage to the home structure or the damaging effects of water getting into a basement, especially if it is a finished basement. Some of the solutions include: Soil correction (re-grading), gravel drains, gutter downspout extension and diversion farther from the home structure.  Another common solution involves capturing and diverting roof run-off when a home has no gutters.

The hardscape aspect of the project refers to new structures such as concrete paver walks, steps, walls, pillars, seating areas, etc. The Base Package includes a new interlocking concrete paver walkway. Any of the other hardscape amenities can be added as an upgrade.

The final aspect of the project includes all the plantings (trees, shrubs, perennials) as well as the other remaining amenities that were planned-out ahead of time in the planning/ design process. Considerations of the site such as soil type and sun exposure are important to selecting the correct plants. Having a professionally designed landscape planting will not only ensure proper plant selection, but also the proper use of design principals.

All Base Packages include the five components of the Total Package Curb Appeal. Additional amenities can be added as an upgrade to the Base Package.  

Base Package: Starting at $7,900.00 + design services

1.Planning/ Design Services:  Includes a scaled CAD “blueprint” drawing that serves as the installation guide. At least one image design will also be included to provide the best visualization of the proposed landscape plantings. With the image design an actual digital picture of the project area is used to superimpose the proposed plantings into the image. The design services start at $325.
2.Site Preparation:  Includes at minimum the removal and disposal of existing front-of-house landscape plantings and walkway.
3.Drainage Considerations:  This improves drainage in the front of the house that if not addressed could negatively impact the new landscaping and/or the home structure.  The Base Package includes basic soil grading in the proposed landscape/ hardscape areas.  Extending gutter downspouts in front of the home will also be taken into consideration. Some solutions will call for more extensive underground drainage systems that will be additional to the Base Package pricing.
4.Hardscaping:  Included in the Base Package is the installation of a new interlocking concrete paver walkway in the front of the home. Additional hardscape features can be added as an upgrade (see Upgraded Amenities below).
5.Landscaping:  This includes all of the new plantings installed in the front of the house in accordance with the design plan.  

Upgraded Amenities: 
These are additional features that can be added to the Base Package to further enhance your home.

  •  Entry Steps
  •  Freestanding & Retaining Walls
  •  Night Lighting: Walks, Steps, Landscaping, Up-Lighting of Home, etc.
  •  Seating Areas
  •  Pillars
  •  Stepping Stone Paths
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